Rust Converter
Rust Converter
Rust Converter

Rust Converter

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   Guaranteed result in just 10 minutes.

  Turns corrosion and rust into a black protective layer. 

   Acts by polymerization, isolates the treatment and the metal from oxygen and humidity.

   Suitable for all types of ferrous metals.

   Offers effective and professional protection against corrosion.

   Coverable by all types of paint and varnish.

  Allows the support to be welded without prior stripping.

   Economical consumption: 12m² per liter of solution.

   Three times less expensive.

   Direct order on the Internet, express delivery in France, Belgium, Switzerland and all over the world.


•   The surfaces to be treated must be degreased, dusted and adherent before application.

•   Degrease the surface if it is steel or new metal.

•   If the surface is steel or partially rusted metal, sand or mechanically brush the non-adherent rusted parts, in order to remove all the friable part of the rust. Use a metal stripper to remove the old coating.

•   Shake the product so that there is no more deposit in the bottom, before applying the rust converter, the surface must be perfectly dry.

•   The rust converter will be used pure, but you can dilute it with water (+5% by mass of water) if necessary.

•   Spread the product using a roller that you will dip in the accelerator. You can also use a brush, paintbrush, sponge, gun and sprayer or dip application.

•   The rust converter layer should cover the surface evenly, not in drops. If this is not the case, the surface is poorly degreased or you have not insisted enough with the roller.

•   On a new steel and metal surface, the application of one coat is sufficient.

•   For steel and metal coated and partially rusted, the application of 2 coats of rust converter is necessary. 

•   After 10 minutes, the surface begins to turn black, the polymerization begins. If areas are not blackened, it is because the layer was not sufficient in these places. 

•   Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after application.

•   The surface should be covered with paint or varnish for metal after 24 hours.

Application temperature:

The rust converter requires a temperature between 7°C and 35°C preferably so that treatment can act in the best way.


The average yield of rust converter is 6-12 square meters per litre. If necessary, you can dilute it with water (+5% by mass of water).

Drying time:

The drying time of the rust converter is approximately 30 minutes at 20° C. It is advisable to wait 2 hours between each coat. The surface is recoatable after 24 hours.