Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator
Rust accelerator

Rust accelerator

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    Guaranteed result types within the hour on all of types of oxidizing metals (Corten, iron, crude steel...)

  High quality rust, does not flake

  The only acid free rust accelerator therefore without risk of injury to the user

  Efficient consumption : 20m² per litre of solution

  Three times cheaper

  No other products to stop the oxidation process

  Made in France

  Online ordering, quick delivery throughout World.




•    Remove the grease from the surface if it has been cold rolled

•    Sand the surface if it has been hot rolled

•    Shake the product well making sure there is no deposit left at the base, before applying the accelerator, the surface must be perfectly dry

•    Spread the product with a roller and dip it in the accelerator

•    The layer of accelerator must cover the surface evenly, and not leave drops. If this is not the case, the grease is not adequately removed and you have not pushed hard enough with the roller

•    After 30 minutes, the surface will start to turn blue, oxidation begins, if some areas are not blue it is because there has not been enough of a coating

•    After 2 hours, apply water or another layer of accelerator if required, humidity and a temperature above 15°C favors the oxidation of Corten steel.

•    The product is acid free, it only oxidizes the surface and will not go any deeper. It does not require any other product such as a stabilizer to stop corrosion

•    The corrosion of the surface will continue for 2 weeks, the orange hue of the rust will darken from day to day to achieve a darker shade that is characteristic of permanent rust.

•    As an added option, to limit the risk of dripping on the floor, you can use a varnish

•    If the metal is in permanent contact with humidity (fountains, plant boxes inside...), it is essential to use a varnish so that the Corten steel does not decompose


The rust accelerator requires a temperature range preferably between 12 °C and 28 °C in order for the treatment to work optimally.


The average coverage of the accelerator and the grease remover is 20 m² per litre, whilst the varnish is 12 m² per litre. One coat of varnish should be used inside and two coats for outdoor use.


The rust accelerator takes around 30 minutes. The varnish should dry after 6 hours, in general wait 9 hours before applying another coat.